At the end of the day, process work and deliverables are all aboutstimulating a conversation, so we present 6 ways that can achieve thatbest.  

Start with HandDrawings

Thisworks wonders and with a 20-40 minute exercise you might have all that youneed. Remember the basics: hand texture quality, arrows, upper case text andthe original graphic standards that all architects live by. Artists, web andgraphic designers have the same brain waves, so put them to practice and showyour client that you have an authentic touch to your work. Spare yourself 10minutes and start drawing on your Surface Pro 4 or iPad Pro and see the samehand quality but on a digital format, easy to send multiple iterations to youraudience.

Batch your work

Thisis a no brainer but takes years of practice and knowledge of the program one isworking in. It’s a quality that separates junior designers from their seniors.Start batching in Illustrator and Photoshop. A simple exercise is open 7canvases and immediately produce the header and footer first and duplicate themon every page.

Use Templates andAssets

Don'tbe ashamed of getting ahead start from another designer. For 12 dollars, thatpattern pack could save you hours of your time. Understanding that greatartists build upon one another is something that we all practice. During timeforsaken circumstances, you can get by turning your process work layered on topof the downloaded asset so that your client or manager can best see thedirection.

Remembermaking it your own is not difficult or time consuming if you know what cornersto cut when. Combining your original piece with pre-made elements from thedownloaded asset is something that can create a more professional product foryour client. If your client is wanting something entirely custom, look toportfolio sites such as,,, and for inspiration and find a singlepiece that you like to model towards.

PSD and SketchPlugins

Theseare quick and easy to install (try to do so before the day of the deadline) andcan save you hours of time when producing final deliverables. Head over to The team hasspent countless hours so that you don't have too. Our favorites are Pixabaywhere you can instantly insert free stock images inside PSD containers, iOS Hatwhich lets you build iOS apps from Photoshop, and Uber Faces which is abeautiful way to add faces inside PSD containers.


Wireframingis good for multiple reasons and if done beautifully with callouts can blowyour clients out of the water. Start with a template and grow your library.CreativeMarket and UI8 are great marketplaces to purchase wireframing assetsthat you and your team can grow upon.

Goodpractices in wireframing will make you faster. Remember layering, grouping andisolating elements within Illustrator to quicken you time creating the piece'sarchitecture.

Forfine arts, graphical or 3D projects, wireframing will come in handy when givingyou client a preview.

Show Process Work

Likewireframing, showing your client process work is something that is a quick wayto start conversations about the work but also lets the client inside yourbrain and builds a personal relationship, something clients will bill more for.Process work should be titled and dated to always present itself professionaland complete. Spend 5 to 15 minutes to describe the thought process behind thework and ask questions, allowing the conversation to transfer back to theclients.